APPROACHES TO YOGA DANCE – working with the subtle bodies

Join us in this 2-day All Weekend workshop with brilliant yoga instructor and choreographer Nathaniel Parchment.

About Nathaniel Parchment:

Nathaniel has been a professional dancer for over 15 years, working within Dance Theatre, Film, Fashion, Music and Education. Nathaniel gained his degree in Contemporary Dance from London Contemporary Dance School and since then has worked with dance companies in the UK and Europe, including DV8 Physical Theatre and Shobana Jeyasingh Dance Company.

Nathaniel recently completed a week long intensive workshop in London with Linda Hartley, author of Wisdom of The Body Moving: An Introduction to Body Mind Centering. This experience has solidified Nathaniel’s continued use of experiential anatomy and embodied imagery in his own practice as a performer, choreographer and teacher of body work and movement based workshops.

Nathaniel teaches at all levels of ability and has been developing Therapeutic Dance with fellow dance, yoga and somatic practitioners, teaching group and private classes on Yoga Retreats in Ibiza and Goa, India, at The healing Ibiza Festival, Destino Pacha Ibiza Resort, and at the Ashiyana and Aquatica Yoga Retreat Centres in Goa, India.

Workhop Summary:

Working with the subtle bodies (glands) to find connection, support and clarity in movement and posture The subtle bodies include the glands of the endocrine system, which relate to the chakras of the energetic Kundalini system as prescribed by the ancient Tamil Aaseevaham tradition of the Siddhas of South India [Roles of the glands and their relationship to the chakras as per Aaseevaham knowledge].

A practical and experiential approach, integrating the subtle body network and the energetic network.

These workshops will provide you with different inroads to yoga dance, and an embodied movement experience, both for self practice and for teaching. You will be given sequences and choreographies that combine elements of a dance class and a yoga class, centered around anatomical themes.

We will learn how combining different explorations and choreographies, informed by technical and theoretical information, we can create yoga dance that is safe, rigorous, therapeutic and graceful, a yogic choreography, an embodied and creative practice!

Suitable for: yogis and teachers who have previously experienced yoga elements, such as backbends, inversions, balances and bandhas.

Please bear in mind the predicted 6 hours of yoga lessons per day!


DAY ONE – Saturday, 20th August 2016


9:00am – 10.20am: Connecting with the different systems of the body, (respiratory, vascular, muscular, skeletal, lymphatic etc) getting used to experiencing the differing frequencies of the physical anatomy through mindful movement and touch.

10:20-10:40 mini break (20min)

10:40 am -12:00am: Taking these experiences into freeform moment exploration and Set Yoga flow.

Noon: 12am – 2pm

lunch break

Afternoon : 2:00pm – 5:00pm

02:00 – 03:15: Exploring the developmental patterns of movement that evolve from birth through to learning to sit, stand, walk and run.

03:15 – 03:35: mini break (20min)

03:35 – 05:00

  • Using these patterns to warm up the body and clarify the complexity of human movement.
  • Identifying these patterns, present in Yoga Asana and sequence.

DAY TWO – Sunday, 21th August 2016

Morning: 9:00am – 12:00am (with 20min break)

  1. Recapping previous work to activate body mind connections and discoveries.
  2. Connecting with the glands and the endocrine system through discussion of their function and relationship to the chakra system, through mindful movement and through touch.
  3. Taking these experiences into free form movement and group flocking movement experience sharing. 

Afternoon 2:00pm – 5:00pm (with 20min break)

4. Reconnecting with the glands via set exercises informed by Yoga Asana sequence and Iyengar-based alignment. Finding ease, connection, clarity and strength.

5. Yoga Dance sequence integrated with expressive chakra exploration.

Date: 20th & 21th August 2016

Place: Chuck Mal:, Tržaška 330, 1000 Ljubljana

Early bird (until April 30th 2016): 190 eur

Tuition (regular price): 230 eur*

• Your payment includes a 50eur non-refundable deposit.
• Early registration deadline is 31st May. Regular price deadline is August 15th.
• Should you decide to cancel, we will give a refund, minus the 50eur non-refundable deposit, up to Monday, August 15th. No refunds will be given after that point.
• Space is limited, pre-registration is required, early registration is encouraged.
• In the event that there is insufficient enrollment to hold the course, the course will be cancelled August 10th and FULL refunds will be issued.

• pay 70% in advance, 30% before workshop in August 15th
(50 eur non-refundable deposit – reservation is included in first part of advanced payment)

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chuckmalAPPROACHES TO YOGA DANCE – working with the subtle bodies