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The Lift Qi Up, Pour Qi Down (Peng Qi Guan Ding) is the first and basic method of Zhi Neng Qi Gong. It is an external Qi practice and its purpose is to harness the universal Qi from all around and bring it into the body. It has the effect of improving the quality and quantity of bodily Qi, thus improving the health, physical and mental functioning. It aims to improve the functions of exchanging Qi with nature, and for this utilizes wide body movements and mental visualizations to induce the primeval universal Qi into the body, and the bodily Qi out to the universe, making a conscientious use of the initiative and capability to exchange Qi. Among the innovative features that this particular system of Qi Gong presents, there is the organization of a Qi Field that potentiates and enhances both the individual and the group skills.

During the first encounter (28&29 May) we’ll study the theory and practice of this first big method. The participants will receive written and audiovisual material to continue studying and practicing at home, and 21 days later (18&19 June) we’ll hold a second encounter to follow up, correct, clear doubts, and learn complementary exercises that completes the first level of Zhi Neng Qi Gong.


History of Zhi Neng Qi Gong

Dr. Pang He Ming, expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong, studied during decades the different methodologies, effects and conditions of the traditional Qi Gong styles, and after making a physiological analysis according to the latest scientific advances, elaborated during the 80’s a synthesis of these millenary practices that would fit people in the current times. He called it Zhi Neng.

This routine was tested in the medicine-less Hospital and Training Center of Hua Xia during 10 continuous years on a population of over 300.000 practitioners with varied health conditions, ranging from terminally ill cases that managed to overcome their diseases to healthy individuals who simply wanted to strengthen their mental, emotional and physical health. The astonishing results of the Hua Xia center showed a recovery rate of 95%. These results and the magnificent theoretical and practical synthesis done by Dr. Pang gave Zhi Neng the reputation of being totally safe, truly effective and really simple.

ZHI means wisdom, intelligence, conscientious will. NENG is ability, capacity, power, all the unexplored aspects of the mind; the sunken part of the iceberg.

Zhi Neng expresses the fluent interconnection of the 2 brain hemispheres, the full manifestation of the natural mind, unleashed and unconditioned. The expansion of the lucid consciousness towards what it usually remains plunged in the shadows, to modify the trails in our brains done by our thinking patterns during decades, and replace them with new more edifying ways. Because just like it was a monotonous routine, systematically practiced and many times noxious the one that settled the pathways through which our actual thinking runs, and with it our endocrine biochemistry and the destiny that imposes, then, another systematical practice is required to install new pathways too.

The basic idea is to develop the latent wisdom and abilities within. Part of the Hun Yuan theory (the theoretical framework that could be translated as “Merged into Oneness Theory”) resides in considering the human individual as system made of subsystems, composing at the same time super-systems. In a descending order we could imagine: man made of organs, tissues, cells, and in the opposite direction a man, part of family, a society and mankind. When in any given system the component parts functions with a positive feedback upon each other, harmony is ensured. So, by learning how to affect positively our human life functions we can make a positive impact that starts modifying everything around and within us. Health and harmony in such case would be the normal state.

We work with 3 different types of Chi:

-The external, universal, or natural Chi (Hunyuan Qi)

-The external Chi of the person, distributed around the body, that is the one that we “lose” because of misadministration, and through this practice we learn to recover. This is the kind of Chi that according to Castaneda’s Magical Passes can be broken with movements of the hands and feet to reincorporate it to the organism. (Human Hunyuan Qi)

-The inner Chi (Bodily Qi)


About the teacher : Mauro Lugano

My name is Mauro Lugano, I was born in Argentina in 1986. Among the activities that I fully enjoy, I’m a professional masseur, specialist in Oriental Therapies such as Reiki and Shiatsu, I’m a Qi Gong and Tai Ji Quan teacher.

Back in 2009 I had the wonderful opportunity to travel during 9 months across great part of South America (Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador) recording and relaying information about the Andean culture, getting in contact with native communities, learning some of their habits, and in some cases making video records about their struggles to coexist with the “modern” capitalistic oriented world.

During this journey, I had the chance to meet healers from different cultural backgrounds and try myself their ways, plants, and rituals. In 2010 back in Argentina, eager to deepen and expand further my understanding of the holistic view that ancestral cultures held about what health actually is, I joined a Tai Chi and Qi Gong school from my neighborhood, in which I had the luck to find a great teacher, Gustavo Villar, and his Center in which I’m still actively involved, now on the distance. I gained a wider understanding by realizing that no matter were in the world a person is, their overall health state is necessarily and intimately related with both the local natural and social environments.

I came to Slovenia following my heart and intuition and since then I’m constructing with my lovely partner a life together, a bit here, a bit there, full of learning and gratitude. I believe that only those who can learn can teach.


  1. vikend: sobota in nedelja, 28. & 29.maj 2016 (9.00 – 13.00)


  1. vikend: sobota in nedelja, 18. & 19.junij 2016 (9.00 – 13.00)



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